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Well, since my 680 o.h.v. is running smoothly I have a bit of idle workshop capacity. AND I HAVE A DREAM:
Since the first time I have ridden an SS100 (thank you Dave, Miles and Peter) I feel a growing desire to own my own SS100!
The model I like best is the 1927 KTOR engined one. Still relatively light albeit powerful, and I just love the 'hit & miss' gear change lever and the thin, open pushrods.

This is Peters bike, a 1927 KTOR. Isn't she lovely?

If you want to see a few more pics of this bike, just click on the picture!

I am quite sure I will never be able to buy a bike like this. Stealing a Brough is not a good idea either. And I know that "Thou shalt not covet your neighbours wife" ... nor your friends motorcycle! So what could I possibly do?
It has been done before. For instance, my good friend Miles' Hemmings 100 is an out and out replica. Here it is. The frame has been build from a set of the so-called "Powell lugs". The engine has been built from a set of crankcase castings, a home-made crankshaft and a pair of cylinder barrels that Miles came across at an autojumble.
The latter are very interesting indeed, as they came as complete and new Hemmings conversion kit, marketed in the 1920's to enthusiasts who wished to make their side valve 1000cc JAP mount faster by converting it to overhead valves.
Some of the rest has been found here and there, but many bits have been made in Miles' garden workshop.

click picture for more
about this bike
I do not want to go that far, however. This is yours truly astride the actual bike that did the world's fastest at 130.6 mph in 1927!
Connoisseurs please compare the picture to page 136 in Ronald Clark's book "The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles", I am even wearing G.B.'s own goggles!

I am not sure if I can yet overlook everything that is involved. And as I cannot spend any deliberate amount of time on it, I think the project may well be running for 8 ... 10 years. This is 2002, let's see where we are in the year 2010!

So, if you feel like joining me for a look at 
MY PROJECT, please follow this link: SS100REPLICA


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