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last update: 6/2002

This is Pete's SS100 (well, one of his...). It is a genuine 1927 KTOR engined bike. It did not always look like this, however; I understand it was in very poor condition and none too complete when Pete started restoring it, but it had it's original frame, gearbox and engine!

(As always, click on the pics to enlarge them)

This is the bike at the Brough Club's 2001 Annual Rally, seen from the timing side.

Seen from the drive side; doesn't the exhaust system look great?

And who could ever rival G.B. in fitting an engine so nicely into the rest of the bike?

And what do you say to the Binks twin float mousetrap carb?
Make no mistake about it ... the engine runs quite well and ticks over as the proverbial Swiss watch!

A slim and sporty bike, and it is quite an experience to have it's 45 hp at your disposal via the tiny throttle lever on top of the handlebars!


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