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last update: 6/2002

This is Miles SS100 replica. It is also called the "Hemmings 100", because its engine is based on a Hemmings conversion kit.

This is a kit marketed in the 1920's which enabled a JAP 1000cc sidevalve engine to be converted to o.h.v.
I do not know if there were many bikes that would accommodate the relatively tall cylinders. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Miles was lucky enough to find the unused kit at an auto jumble some 10 years ago!

As always, click on the pics to enlarge them!

This is the bike at the Brough Club's 2000 Annual Rally

This is the bike on Miles' garden terrace, with Miles watering the flowers in the background (Shame on you, not the way you think!!)

The drive side of the bike with 1 1/8" twin float AMAL carb...

... and the rest of the bike. Miles' terrace is not that big, and I did not have a wide angle lens with me!

This is a close-up of the engine and gearbox. Miles is a very determined engineer. When the gearbox split in two recently, he got hold of a massive lump of high-spec aluminium (some aviation alloy) and fabricated a new shell from it!
I understand this took a few days and more than a few curses.....


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