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Enfield 8" hubs replica page last update: 7/2005

As described on my respective pages I have set out in 2001 to produce a small batch (2 off, really) of Re-manufactured Enfield Cush Drive rear hubs. Now I have made another five. The hub parts before silver soldering can be seen to the right.

These are the hubs after soldering and sand blasting.
The sprockets still want cutting the teeth, of course!

This we do on a CNC mill. Not quite the usual way, but far more accurate!

This is a finished hub with sprocket and brake drum.
The brake drum in this case is of the 3-ribbed Norton style. I understand this style was never used on Broughs, but dare I say it is technically much better than the plain drum...?
Of course I can also produce the plain drums. In fact, this is much easier than cutting the fins!

I have now made almost every bit for the rear hub except the brake plate.
...well I do buy the bearings...:-)

3/2004: I have now almost finished the rear hub for the SS100. Turning the aluminium cooler ring from a slab of aluminium would not have been so bad if I had not insisted on a corrosion-resistant alloy.  Unfortunately the slab of AlMgSi1 I obtained was very soft, and causes no end of trouble with build-up on the cutting tools. But here we are.

(click on pics to enlarge)

1/2005: In my various projects, I need a few more hubs, so I have started another batch. These are the drive and brake side spoke flanges.
I have also made a number of brake drums. Plain and finned ones.
I have also built a pattern for the brake shoes and have had a number of these cast. Altogether I have now far too many unmachined castings of all sorts and too little time to do the machining....


(click on pics to enlarge)
12/2005:Time is the problem, but now I have at least managed to finish a few hub centres!
1/2006: I have now finally found some time to machine a few brake shoes.
Of course I found, once again, that it takes a lot of time to do it nicely, but that is why I am in it. My purpose is not making bits that "will do", I am taking my pride and satisfaction from striving for perfection.....
1/2006: I have also had a number of laser cuttings made for the brake plates and levers etc.
7/2006: This is how a complete hub looks like..

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