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Re-manufactured timing case covers with platform for bevel-driven magdyno for the 1929 - 1933 (?) 680 cc ohv V-Twin JAP engine.

This is the engine with two camshafts carrying one cam each. This engine was used by Brough, Montgomery, Victoria and maybe Zenith (or were all their 680's sidevalves?). Unfortunately this type of cover (with backward facing platform) has been used for a relatively short period only, as with the arrival of foot gear change the magdyno had to be mounted forward facing.

Many of these covers have been damaged as the magdyno is a rather exposed when the bike is dropped onto its offside. Repairing a broken magdyno platform is doubtful as the platform is none too sturdy IMHO. So I made a pattern and had a few covers cast.

In the foreground the casting pattern can be seen, with three unmachined castings in the background.

To the right, a cover machined ready to fit. It does not look too complex at first sight, but there is an awful lot of bores and surfaces to be machined!

This is the casting provisionally fitted to the Montgomery's engine.

From the rough condition of its surroundings you may guess there is still a lot of work to be done!

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