This is the finished bike. I thought I'll take a few good photographs as long as it is still shiny, but unfortunately the light conditions were not too favourable, thus some of the pictures are not as clear as the bike might deserve it.

If you have a good internet connection and want to see or download some of the pictures in real high resolution (approx. 200kB each), please click the link <hi-rez> under each picture.


A timing side view in the shade
Isn't this a lovely face?
<hi-rez> version of this picture
frontal drive side view
and a side view. If you think the left hand headlamp is drooping I have to agree. But this one is meant to give the low beam. And as long as you do not have an offset bulb holder in it there is no other way. Any suggestions?
<hi-rez> version of this picture
"The works" from the nearside.

I hope it will not swallow as much petrol as those twin float chambers are able to supply!


<hi-rez> version of this picture
And from the timing side.

Maybe the magdyno shield could use a bit more polishing.

And if you look very closely you might see that the frame of the oil pump's sight glass has escaped the plating process!

<hi-rez> version of this picture
Last not least once again that beautiful tank and handlebars!
<hi-rez> version of this picture

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