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Re-manufactured camshafts for the 1929 - 1936 (?) 680 cc ohv V-Twin JAP engine.

This is the engine with two camshafts carrying one cam each. This engine was used by Brough, Montgomery, Victoria and maybe Zenith (or were all their 680's sidevalves?)

The cams have been machined from heavy duty gear blanks in EN36 (15NiCr15) case hardening steel. The cam contour has been taken from an unworn track at the edge of the old cams on a digital measuring system. After suitable post processing a CNC milling program has been made for each of the two cams. Not only are these cams handed, but the rear cam has a different position in relation to the gear teeth!

The shafts have made from EC80 (16MnCr5) case hardening steel and have been precision ground after hardening.

The picture has been taken after the hardening.

Thanks to a special case hardening process, the cams needed just slight cleaning up with fine emery cloth after hardening.

The shafts have been ground to a good press fit.

I am afraid this is not the very best photograph. But the timing was found to be spot on! II

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