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last update: 6/2002

This is my little Robling lathe, which I am very fond of.

Luckily, this little machine has not lived too much abuse. Dismantling, cleaning and re-painting it was all it needed.

It has 300mm swing, 550mm between centres, a 35mm spindle bore and a MT 2 tailstock.

I fitted a frequency inverter to it, giving a spindle speed range from 5 to 2000 rpm. This is a real boon, especially for screw cutting!

Thank god, it came complete with all the collets and change gears (no, unfortunately it has not got a Norton gearbox on it..)

And I have got various chucks and a faceplate for it. I have even got a dividing attachment, but I never used it.
Yes the small item on the r.h.s. is a toothbrush - ideal for cleaning the threads before screwing a chuck onto the spindle!

Travelling and fixed steady are also sometimes useful... is a range of reamers and taps & dies

Of course, we need some measuring equipment.

and a number of cutting tools.

For quick change and adjustment of the latter, I think there is nothing like the Multifix tool holder!


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