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last update: 6/2002

Yeah, as I said before, this little milling machine is indeed my baby!

When I bought it, I discovered that it had 4 coats of paint brushed on: while it once had been grey, there were two layers of green followed by a dark grey and finally a light grey one.
If you know the intricate system of oil ways in this machine, you will appreciate why I did not go for dismantling and sand blasting it. So I had to settle for the tedious job of scraping the paint off.
In the adjacent picture, the two top grey coats have already been scraped off, but when I was eventually done, the paint chippings filled a 10 l bucket!
(click on the pics for enlarged photographs)

A tribute to the unbelievable Deckel quality: All the gears were in almost pristine condition; in fact you could still see the grinding marks from the manufacturing process 50 years ago!

Once into this incredible little machine, the hunt for all those elaborate accessories began.
The 'musts' seemed to be: the universal triple-swivelling table, the double-tilting dividing head, the big rotary dividing table and the slotting head.
Of course, there is still the high-speed head and the spiral milling attachment...
This is the swivelling table, I was lucky to find on in good condition, albeit in the wrong colour.

Here is the slotting head, hidden behind the horizontal milling arm, which has already received his new livery

The dividing head needed dismantling, cleaning and re-painting...
...but now it does a perfect job.

Here you see the machine at work with the vertical head.
Please enlarge the pic by clicking on it to appreciate my (brush) paint job!

I spent still a lot more time and money to accommodate all the accessories in a systematic way, and I built a small swivelling hoist to move the heavier bits from the cupboards onto the machine


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