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Bench drill last update: 03/2003


Yes, a bench drill from a DIY store. Of course I'd rather have a more classic one, but again space is the limitation. Originally it had double pulley gearing giving a speed range from 200 to 2000 rpm.

But changing the belts over proved so tedious that I'd often make do with the wrong speed for a given job.

So I fitted a 3-phase motor and a Siemens inverter to it. From my experience this is one of the best inverters available. You turn the speed up and down as quickly as you want, it always follows very smoothly. And of course you can switch from forward to backwards at a fingertip.

It is such a joy to me that I sometimes just switch it on, run it at 50 rpm, turn it up to 2000 and back!

I have not kept the double-pulley arrangement, but there are still 4 different ratios, so I can switch over to a low gear if I need to drill a big hole. But in the last 3 months, I never had to touch the belt.


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