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Sturmey Archer gearbox pages last update: 10/2022


The Sturmey Archer LS gearbox might appear as a device that has stood the test of time. However, if you look closer, or ask Brough owners, many will admit that they have had trouble with theirs, they have gears jumping out etc...
On the pages linked below, I give an account of my epic journey in buildin myself a good gearbox that I hope will be up to the power of the engine.

last update: 07/2003
This was what I started with. And for a long time I thought it would be good enough...
but have a look...

last update: 03/2022
However, one day after getting back to the project after it had laid dormant for many years I had a nasty surprise: I thought I had a suitable 'box until I tried to fit a rear chain to the bike. Blimey - the chain would foul the upper rear frame rail! This was the begin of a long, long journey ...

last update: 03/2022
Well then - gearbox attempt No. 3 After giving up the idea of a welding repair to the cracked gearbox shell no.2 I decided I#ll make on from scratch. I wanted a bullet-proof solution, so decided to machine the whole shell from a billet of strong aluminium" I knew my friend Miles Soppet had done that before. So I thought -Miles, I hope you don't take this amiss- if Miles did I can do it as well. Ok it seems I can, but what a job... When I recently asked Miles about it he admitted he would not like do it again - nor would I!

last update: 10/2022
and...gearbox again! With the case nearly done and a bearing solution conceived I turned my attention to the contents. Only to realise that the stuff I had was ok-ish but not really good. In the end, I realised I needed to make a new mainshaft and layshaft...


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