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Castle forks Handlebar centres last update: 11/2003


The Castle fork uses a quite sturdy lug into which the handlebar ends are brazed. This means that, back in G.B.'s days, you could have had a session at the works, discussing the set-up of your 'bars, and then they would have been bent and brazed up to suit your personal build.

Which explains why I could not adjust myself to some Broughs I have been sitting on....

The castings came from the Brough Superior Club this time, so no patternmaking required!

First step is, of course, try to rig it up, align it and centre drill the bores that have to be done.

Next, we need a few small and two quite big bores.

The ones for the tubes that go into the forks want to sit quite accurately, so I finish them by milling.

So, this is the result of the first session.

Now, we need the bores for the handlebar tubes. Unfortunately these are at "all angles"!

But of course the makers of the FP1 have thought of jobs like this... though it sometimes takes me a while to figure out the best way of doing it.

So, after milling the flats to the ends, the bores can be centre bored, bored out with a small and a big drill, and finally brought to the exact size using the Wohlhaupter boring head.

Ok, that's it.

One step further, but still a long way to go to a set of complete forks!




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