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Castle forks front leg bottom ends last update: 12/2003


The castings came a bit rough, but still better than with the important bits ground off...

The good news is that this is cast steel. Strong and ductile.

After cleaning the castings up, I started by milling the sides of the bottom ends ...

... and drilling the holes for the link pins.

Now, it became apparent that I would need a jig for turning the stems.

Which you can see in operation here. It holds the bottom end of the lug with the correct offset to the centre line of the tube end.

Now I was able to face the top end and centre drill it while supporting it in steadies.

Turning the step to go into the tube was a simple task then.

I took them all onto the mill again then to finish the bottom end, as I wanted to make quite sure the faces are parallel to the tube end.

I have seen enough Castle forks binding badly, which is usually due to all the bits not being well enough aligned. So better start with proper right angles...


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