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KTOR engine inlet manifold

Well, just a few pics form making the manifold:

One important thing is to do as much of the polishing BEFORE you start machining as it is very easy to spoil the airproof faces when polishing afterwards!

So this is the already polished bit in the lathe. It is a bit difficult to chuck properly, so I started by aligning it and then carefully boring out the inside on both ends.

Then you can hold safely using a live centre.

Next, the carburettor end needed machining. As I needed the Wohlhaupter head anyway, I also faced the front with it. Yes, this is the radial feed in operation!

Of course, inside and outside to be "wohlhauptered"...  
Un fortunately I have not made a picture of making the tapered bushes that go over the cylinder ends. And I have only taken one pic of making the (stainless) nuts.

Drilling the big hole in the 50mm stainless steel hex bar nearly took my old Robling lathe to its limits....

This is how the whole lot looks on the engine.

I am quite happy with it.


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