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KTOR valve lifter levers last update: 7/2005


These are the fiddly bits. But if you weigh in at some 60 kgs as I do you should not cut corners here and build yourself a bike without valve lifters...

I had some patterns on loan and found them all slightly different.

In the end I had to put them into the CAD drawing of the engine and see which shape made most sense. To be honest, if I had not had any patterns my levers would have looked different again, as the original shape does not seem to make too much sense, but then I decided to honour the ancestors and use one of the original shapes.

After making an CAD drawing, I had a few levers lasr cut.

The cam bit was turned from a medium-carbon tool steel. I can still silver soder this alloy without problems and can have the actuating tip induction hardened. Or maybe just heat the tip up with a hot flame and quench it.

I made a small batch of these levers, as I do not feel like starting once over in the near future.

Now they still want (probably CNC) milling the cam contour and hardening the cam. And of course I still need to make up the remaining small bits.



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