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KTOR cam followers, last update: 22-07-2004

These are the cam follower castings.
Nice little things, thank you MFC!

I wondered for a while how to start machining them. Then I decided I could just grab the pivot boss in the 4-jaw, align the casting nicely, and then carefully face the boss and set a centre bore.

This proved successful enough, so I just went ahead and bored and reamed the pivot bore.

Now I could put them onto a mandrel and face the other side of the bore.

This looks quite promising already.

Now, with a pivot bore that has an exact dimension and two true end faces, all I needed was a little jig to hold it on the mill.

This enabled me to centre drill in the correct location, drill a bore exactly parallel to the pivot, ream it to size...

... and countersink it. This is a deviation from original, but I find it an improvement. I usually machine a very small countersunk "head" to the pin when I make it, and rivet the other end into a countersink as well. In this way the pin is securely held and does not protrude.

The next operation was to cut the slot for the roller. Lots'a swarf...

Unfortunately it occurred to me only now that I needed a different kind of jig to machine the radius on which the tappets are bearing.

I could have done all the previous machining on this jig as well...

... but at least, it did a good job for machining the radius.

Now that looks nice, but I will still have to make the pins, bronze bushes and rollers.

And I think I will have the followers cyanide hardened.

Well, I have still not got round to getting the followers hardened, but my friend Peter has asked me could I machine some more for him while I was at it...

To be continued....  

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