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SS100 drawings last update: 6/2005

I beg you pardon - please do not expect me to put my drawings on the internet. There are hundreds of hard working hours in them, so I just cannot afford giving them away (at least not yet).

First I needed some engine drawings. Thanks to a good friend in the Brough Club I was able to measure up a dismantled 1926 KTOR engine. This is the crankcase viewed from the drive side.
Note the early KTOR style lettering and absence of strengthening webs.

The engine is in remarkably good condition.
This is the crankshaft viewed from the timing side.

A timing side view

I recorded a lot of measurements, spent a lot of hours at the computer and finally made a drawing of the crankcase.
Sorry again, the enlarged picture will not be of much use to you - please bear with me if I do not feel like giving all this work away for free.

You can, however, download this drawing. It is an original one, and not that bad.
The file is 151kB large.

I also took a lot of measurements of the cylinder heads and made a drawing of these... well as the barrels.  
Another problem is the frame. I understand G.B. updated the design of this very frequently. I still have no drawing of a 1927 AGS frame.
The one on the pic is a replica made to 1925-1926 dimensions.

Same for the forks, except that this is easier.

2005: I have now, after a number of travels, and after spending much time in taking measurements off different bikes (thank you for your patience, Peter!), been able to make a complete AutoCAD drawing of the frame...and the forks

The whole project will still require a lot of drawings to be made. If you have anything to offer, we may talk a swap..?  

Any kind of feedback to is appreciated
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